Buck Mountain Valerian extract

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Valeriana sitchensis is commonly named sitka valerian. It is the most potent of the valerian depressants and has been used as a sleep aid and anxiety reducing agent for travel and separation.

It is also used post operation and post acupuncture. to assist in providing a quiet convalescence for animals.

Valerian is attractive to cats and is widely used to quiet performance horses.


Dosage: Two cc orally per 100 lb weight for carnivores. 8-12 cc for large herbivores.

Oral dosages as given are for carnivores by body weight. It is advised to dose low initially and adjust upward as the circumstances direct.

Do not scale up dosages for large herbivores by their weight. large herbivores, such as cattle or horses, usually require approximately twice or three times the dosage of a 200 lb carnivore.

Occasional occurrence of reverse reactions is noted as well as occasional bad dreams and headaches.

This product is bitter tasting and will need to be provided as a drench or combined with honey or moist wet food upon administration.

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