Joints and Bone Health

Joint Health Supplements for Cats & Dogs

If your pet suffers from decreased range of motion, pain or immobility due to degenerative conditions associated with age, surgery or chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, a natural joint health supplement can help. We offer a variety of anti-inflammatory products that offer improved collagen and elastin production, anti-oxidant benefits and natural joint pain relief for dogs and cats.
Our selection features only proven products with a scientific basis for all ingredients. Our cat and dog joint supplements are derived from natural ingredients such as egg shells, shellfish and duck's feet. The animals used for processing to create our joint supplements were raised and processed without the use of hormones, pesticides, additives or chemicals, making many of our products are safe for dogs and cats with allergies.
Provide natural pain relief for dogs with arthritis without the use of potentially-harmful NSAIDs. Provide relief without any side effects found in prescribed remedies for dog's arthritis pain. Our pain support products feature natural compounds including cannabidiol, a powerful drug-free solution to the problem of stiff, inflamed and aching joints.

Joints and Bone Health

  • anxiety support for dogs & cats


    Anxiety support for dogs & cats


    Anxiety support for dogs and cats Introducing Adrenal Support for cats and dogs that is an effective adrenal glandular! Inspired by the world's top veterinary endocrinologist, it aids in normal hormone balance. With all human-grade ingredients, including...

  • Arnica extract- Buck Mountain botanicals treatment for knee joint pain

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Arnica Topical Pain Relief for dogs and cats


    Joint Pain Treatment- External Arnica is made from Arnica fulgens and is effective as a mild topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. 8 ounces. Arnica is recommended and has a long history of use on: Arthritis treatment in dogs, cats,...

  • Beef Trachea- all natural


    Beef Trachea- 6" All Natural


    SuperCan pet products are made with: Fresh Angus beef  Free of fillers, additives or preservatives. Single source from Free Range Grass Fed Beef for Healthy Nutritious and Delicious Dog Treats. SuperCan Chew treats have no hormones, chemicals or...

  • Better Bones ground bonemeal for homemade diets for dogs & cats

    Four Leaf Rover

    Better Bones dried bone for Home-made diets


    Better Bones Dried bone for homemade diets Better Bones is a safe alternative for providing ground bones in a home-made diet for dogs and cats that’s suitable for senior dogs, puppies and cooked diets. There’s no need to worry about choking...

  • Buck Mountain glucosamine

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Glucosamine


    Product Details Sizes:1 Pound Bulk Powder - or- -1000mg capsules -55 capsules Glucosamine is not a botanical. It is a natural product and is clearly an effective medicine of importance for veterinary usage. Glucosamine sulfate is an...

  • licorice tincture for pets

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Licorice extract


    Licorice as a natural pet supplement is regarded as nature’s cortisone and an all natural pain reliever. It has many of the same attributes as cortisone and presents few of the adverse side effects. It can be used for: Canine hip pain...

  • Gut Guard- prebiotic and probiotic blend for dogs

    Four Leaf Rover

    Gut Guard for dogs probiotic


    Gut Guard for Dogs with Leaky Gut, Colitis, Chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and any disturbance in the intestinal tract Gut Guard helps restore good bacteria by offering stable prebiotics and probiotic blend. How do you know if you dog...

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    Green Eggs Joint and Muscle support for dogs

    Four Leaf Rover

    Joint & Mobility Support-omega 3


    67.5 gram jar Green Eggs Joint and Mobility support is created with green lipped mussel and full of omega 3 fatty acids. This type of omega 3 has been known to help with joint issues, arthritis, pain, mobility issues and supports healthy...

  • Organic mushroom blend for dogs & cats


    Mushrooms for dogs & cats- complex


    Mushrooms for dogs and cats Mushrooms are a treasure trove of nutrients for your dog and cat's health. They support immunity, digestion, joints, can aid with cancer in dogs and cats, and more. Bark & Whiskers™ Fermented Mushroom Blend adds...

  • Vitamin B complex for dogs & cats


    Vitamin B complex for dogs & cats


    B Vitamins for Dogs & B vitamins for Cats Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Vitamin B Complex is a USDA Certified complete blend, offering optimal B vitamin proportions. Crafted for improved absorption, it features the patented PANMOL® complex,...

  • Winston Joint System for pets under 40 pounds

    Dog's Health

    Winston Joint System


    Winston’s Joint System™ is a combination of three, totally-natural whole food supplements developed by a Naturopathic Doctor for his own dog. No drugs. No side-effects because it’s all just good whole food. No dosage problems...

  • Winston Pain Formula

    Dog's Health

    Winston's Pain Formula


    This specially formulated pain reliever is the strongest, most powerful, natural pain relief product on the market today. Joint pain and stiffness affect millions of dogs of all ages. Obesity, old age, and injury to the legs or joints, can cause...