• Buck Mountain Hawthorn tincture 1 ounce

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Hawthorn Tincture


    Hawthorn has multiple high efficacy for cardiovascular ailments. Up to one gram(3cc) orally per 100 weight daily for carnivores is recommended. Side effects are rare however large doses may precipitate hypotension and sedation.

  • Holistic Hound Mighty Mojo Mushroom powder for dogs, cats and other animals

    Holistic Hound

    Mighty Mojo Mushroom powder for dogs, cats


    Helps support immune system, inflammation, allergy support, diabetes and more. Mighty mushroom powder for dogs, cats and other animals contains a blend of 5 certified organic mushrooms: Shiitake, Reishi, Mesima, Poria, and Turkey Tail, including both...

  • Earth Animal's Natures Comfort Zen Tabs for pets

    Earth Animal

    Natures Comfort Zen Tabs- Full Spectrum Hemp


    Calming Tabs with Full spectrum Hemp. Made in the USA. Zen tabs are made with hemp and a blend of additional ingredients to help support the health and well-being of our dogs, cats and other animals.  Made with a Transdermal Uptake Technology that...

  • Super Carnimax - L-Carnitine


    Super Carnamax- L-Carnitine


    L-Carnitine has many important benefits for our pets. Deficiency in L-carnitine can create many health problems. When l-carnitine is missing from the diet, the heart and skeletal muscles are negatively affected. Some dog breeds show an increased risk of...