Acupressure/Hands on healing massage: Carols Pet Cafe offers services to assist pets and other animals heal or maintain health.  Acupressure/Body Massage has been know to offer many health benefits to our beloved furry friends.  Since working with animals in this way, I have witnessed many positive results.

Holistic Health/Nutritional Pet Coaching: is another service we offer.  This can be performed over the phone or in person. My education in Animal Naturopathy provides a thorough knowledge in health, nutrition, and alternative methods of healing.

If you have an interest in either of these services, please contact us at, 800-926-7344 or Contact Us page.


  • Wellness/Healing Consultations for dogs and cats

    Holistic Pet Health Specialist


        Who Will Benefit from a Wellness/Healing Consultation? A Pet Guardian who is looking for Natural methods to keep your pet companion in the healthiest condition possible A Pet Guardian who has a pet companion that is displaying some...

  • Pet Intuitive Communicator

    Pet Intuitive Communicator


    Pet Intuitive Communicator There have been many times in my life where knowing the thoughts of my dogs, cats and birds were more beneficial than others. Most of the time I just know their needs and desires. Other times, they hide their thoughts,...