Acupressure/Hands on healing massage: Carols Pet Cafe offers services to assist pets and other animals heal or maintain health.  Acupressure/Body Massage has been know to offer many health benefits to our beloved furry friends.  Since working with animals in this way, I have witnessed many positive results.

Health/Nutritional Consulting: is another service we offer.  This can be performed over the phone or in person. My education in Animal Naturopathy provides a thorough knowledge in health, nutrition, and alternative methods of healing.

If you have an interest in either of these services, please contact us at, 800-926-7344 or Contact Us page.


  • Wellness/Healing Consultations for dogs and cats

    Wellness/Healing Consultations


      Who Will Benefit from a Wellness/Healing Consultation? A Pet Guardian who is looking for Natural methods to keep your pet companion in the healthiest condition possible A Pet Guardian who has a pet companion that is displaying some physical or...