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Holistic Pet Care Coaching for Pet Parents- Virtually

Welcome to Holistic Pet Coaching with Dr. Carol!

As devoted pet parents, we share a common goal — ensuring our furry companions lead happy, healthy lives. Navigating the vast sea of pet care advice can be overwhelming, but that's where I step in as your holistic pet practitioner.

Coaching sessions 

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to best heal your beloved furry companion can be incredibly distressing. But fear not, dear pet parent, for in our coaching sessions together:

I offer a comforting hand to guide you through this journey.

I understand the deep bond you share with your pet and the desire to see them thrive in every way possible.

Through our holistic approach, we'll embrace the natural path to wellness, considering every facet of your pet's well-being, from their physical health to their emotional state.

Together, we'll embark on a journey of discovery and healing, tailoring personalized plans that address your pet's unique needs and nurture them back to vibrant health.

During our time together, I promise to provide you with invaluable insights that will bring clarity and confidence to your pet care routine, empowering you to make informed decisions and cultivate a deeper, more harmonious relationship with your furry friend. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, where comfort, clarity, and holistic healing await.

Here are some compelling reasons to embark on a Holistic Pet Coaching journey with me:

Less Invasive Solutions:

Explore natural remedies and treatments that are gentle, less invasive, and have minimal side effects compared to traditional medicine.

Emotional Well-being Matters:

Recognize and address stress and anxiety in your pets. I'll guide you in promoting relaxation, contributing not just to their health but also to your bond.

Customized Wellness/Healing Coaching:

Engage in a comprehensive conversation during a 60-minute call to uncover the root causes of your concerns. Receive natural and holistic suggestions tailored to your beloved pet's unique needs.

Fresh Eyes, Unique Solutions:

Every Pet Companion is unique, and I approach each one with fresh eyes. Holistic Pet Coaching is the power of personalized 1:1 guidance.

 Holistic Pet Coaching Benefits

Dogs and Cats of any age will benefit from Holistic Care approaches

Are you a Pet Guardians who:

  • Is seeking a more holistic approach to enhancing the overall health of dog or cat
  • Wanting to use more natural solutions to resolve or lessen symptoms of a specific chronic condition in your dog or cat, like itching, hair-loss, ear infections, pain management, joint issues, thyroid problems, obesity, seizures, cushings, cancer and more
  • Exploring alternative approaches for any physical concern your dog or cat is experiencing

While Holistic Pet Coaching complements regular veterinary checkups, it doesn't replace them. Our goal is collaborative — working closely with you and your holistic veterinarian to provide the best care possible for your beloved furry friend.

Ready to embark on a journey to abundant health for your pet?

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Ready to discover natural ways to help your dog or cat have an abundantly healthful, thriving life with you?

Appointments are via phone and web.  In person appointments are also available local to Floyd, VA.

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