• Valerian extract natural relaxant for dogs

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    A Natural Sedative for Dogs and Cats- Valerian


    Natural Relaxant for Dogs and Cats   Product Details Introducing our premium Valerian Extract, specifically formulated to provide natural sedative and calming relief for your beloved dogs and cats. Crafted with care, our product harnesses the...

  • anxiety support for dogs & cats


    Anxiety support for dogs & cats


    Anxiety support for dogs and cats Introducing Adrenal Support for cats and dogs that is an effective adrenal glandular! Inspired by the world's top veterinary endocrinologist, it aids in normal hormone balance. With all human-grade ingredients, including...

  • Lemon Balm extract

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Lemon Balm Extract TIncture


    Lemon balm is a mild sedative and analgesic (pain reliever). Lemon balm has been known to have antiviral qualities which has assisted with healing herpes simplex virus (HSV), HIV-1 and other viruses/ Dosage is 1cc per 50lbs of body weight, 3 times...

  • Vitamin B complex for dogs & cats


    Vitamin B complex for dogs & cats


    B Vitamins for Dogs & B vitamins for Cats Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Vitamin B Complex is a USDA Certified complete blend, offering optimal B vitamin proportions. Crafted for improved absorption, it features the patented PANMOL® complex,...