Raw & Freeze dried Diet for dogs & cats

Nutrition is extremely important for the health of our beloved animals. I would personally recommend to everyone to feed their dogs and cats a raw diet. Why? Raw Diets are nutritionally superior to their dried, canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried counterparts.  The natural uncooked state of protein and fat is more easily recognized and absorbed by your pet's body systems allowing them to function at top capacity.
The enzymatic activity, moisture content, minerals, and vitamins place a Raw Diet on the top of the list for appropriate food for dogs and cats. Enzymes inherent in the raw food assist absorption of protein and other nutrients more completely into your pet's body. Thereby, creating a more vital, healthy pet that is able to thrive better than her kibble and canned food counterparts.  Some organs can produce enzymes, but the enzyme pool is not endless.  Once the pool of enzymes is depleted, the bodily processes stop and, consequently, life itself ends.  That is why feeding a diet rich in enzymes is so important.  The enzymes are inherent in the food, thereby, the body is not depleted of its limited supply.  
What are enzymes?  Enzymes are the life forces that activate, then participate in all the body's digestive and metabolic processes.  In other words, enzymes are protein catalysts that promote biochemical reactions such as digesting food, building bones and skin, aiding detoxification without undergoing change themselves.  
However, should raw food not be a choice for you.  A natural cooked food or freeze dried diet would be the next best option.  

Carols Pet Cafe and BARF world have an affiliated partnership.  Carols Pet Cafe fully endorses BARF World.  They are one of the pioneers of the raw food diet for dogs and cats.    The images below contain a link to take you to Barfworld where you can place your frozen raw food or freezedried food order.  Barf has other wonderful products available as well that you can offer your dog or cat to help them maintain good health. 

Carols Pet Cafe discount or coupon offers do not apply to frozen, freezedried or other products that are only found on the BARF website.  

Barf world offers a variety of frozen raw and freeze dried dog and cat food options.  



BARF World delivers the convenience of a dry food, the nutrition of fresh and juicy, raw meat. Freeze dried Nuggets are uniquely developed using a manufacturing process that eliminates the high heat processing that is used to make kibble dry food and removes the moisture from the raw diet with a cold vacuum process. The result is a convenient, travel food for your companion animal that is shelf stable for 18 months without refrigeration. It doubles as the perfect training treat or AAFCO approved complete and balanced daily food. All the essential nutrients have been preserved and can be fed with convenience. It is the same quality formulations that we use to make our frozen varieties.





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