Wound Care

Natural Wound Care & Topical Anti-Inflammatories

Buck Mountain offers natural topical pain relief for pets, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials and more. Whether your pet has cuts, scrapes, chapped feet, sunburn or insect bites, we recommend natural wound care. All of our products are safe for animals because they're safe for people. From athlete's foot to dry hands, Buck Mountain salves, balms and washes aid in healing, infection- and inflammation-control, pain reduction and moisturization.
These items should be staples in your home, particularly if you and your pet enjoy the outdoors. Don't wait until you're in need to consider purchasing natural wound care for your dog, cat or horse. When irritation occurs, you need a natural anti-inflammatory fast so cats and dogs don't worsen irritation with licking, biting and fussing. Use Buck Mountain as a safe and natural anti-itch for dogs and cats suffering from hotspots, apply it to chapped feet, minor skin irritations from bug bites or eczema and so much more.

Wound Care

  • Earth Animal Aches and Discomforts for pain management

    Earth Animal

    Aches & Discomfort relief for dogs & cats


    Earth Animal's Aches and Discomforts is An organic herbal blend that helps to soothe occasional discomfort, stiffness, and soreness.  Active Ingredients per ml (20 drops): A Proprietary Blend of Organic & Wildcrafted Herbal Extracts...

  • Arnica Extract

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Arnica Liniment for Animals- 8 ounces


    Arnica is made from Arnica fulgens and is effective as a mild topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. 8 ounces. Arnica is recommended and has a long history of use on: ArthritisItchy hot spotsContusionsMinor skin infectionsMuscular aches...

  • Buck Mountain comfrey extract for animals

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Comfrey extract


    Comfrey is anti-inflammatory and a cell proliferator. It is used for topical treatment of wounds, insect bites, nicks, scrapes, burns. It is a healing aid in Contusions, Sprains, Fractures when applied directly to the closed wound as a poultice...

  • Buck mountain wound aid

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Wound Aid for Animals


    Wound aid for Animals is yarrow, Achillea millefolium. It is applied liberally to open, bleeding, oozing or otherwise raw wounds. Yarrow is a hemostat or blood stopper, it works best on lacerations, and oozing sutured incisions. It is...

  • Buck Mountain wound balm

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Wound Balm


    Natural Wound Care at its Best! This product is an emulsion of the extract of burdock root, echinacea root and yarrow herb in olive oil and beeswax. It is applied topically as needed. Comes in salve form and is easy to apply. Wound Balm for Animals is...

  • Buck mountain wound wash and wound balm combo

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Wound Balm / Wound Wash Combo


    Good for People Too! This package includes the 4 ounce wound balm and 2 ounce wound wash. The wound balm is an emulsion of the extract of burdock root, echinacea root and yarrow herb in olive oil and beeswax. It is applied topically as needed. Comes...

  • Buck mountain wound wash 2 ounce

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Wound Wash


    Buck Mountain wound wash is made with Whole leaf Aloe vera gel and Tea tree oil that are placed into solution with a benign surfactant.  The smaller bottles comes in a spray bottle.  The larger bottle can be applied with a soft cloth or cotton...

  • Hemp Healing Balm for dogs

    Holistic Hound

    Full Spectrum Hemp Healing Balm for dogs-150mg


    Blend of organic, full spectrum hemp oil with essential oils, butters and other natural healing ingredients for dogs. Directions for Use: Apply topically to affected areas. Ingredients Organic full spectrum hemp oil with 150 mg CBD, coconut oil, almond...

  • Wondercide healing spray for dogs


    Wondercide Healing Spray Tonic for Dogs & People


    Skin Tonic Spray Wondercide’s Skin Tonic can beapplied to a localized area or all over the body, providing gentle comfort from serious skin irritations. Skin Tonic is formulated with 8 healing oils that provide fast, naturalrelief and a fresh,...