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Hello and Welcome to Carol's Pet Cafe! I am Carol, the Founder of Carol’s Pet Cafe’ located in Floyd, VA. We offer Shamus, Carol, Lily, BozworthAlternative Wellness Solutions to assist in improving health naturally for our Companion Animals. Having my Doctorate in Animal Naturopathy opens doors to a myriad of wellness solutions to assist pet guardians in providing more natural approaches to their beloved pets.

Natural Health Consulting for Animals has been a part of my life since 2001. I originally became interested in this rewarding work after I read the book, “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.” The information I read in the book opened my eyes to the nutritional lack my cats and dogs were experiencing daily. Once I began making changes to my own pet companions’ diets, their health blossomed. The skin allergies, bad breath, putrid smells, gas, diarrhea, urinary crystals, dull coats, dry skin, and urinary infections were a thing of the past. Once I realized that a change in diet was responsible for this exceptional transformation in health in my pets, I was on a mission to let everyone know how they could improve the health of their pets too.

My beloved cat, Chicona, was the driving force for developing my natural work with animals in 2001. As a 3 1/2 year old rescue that came into my life in 1993, she was my first cat. At that time, I was not privy to the Chiconanatural methods and fed her the usual dry food. Severe allergies developed in her ears and skin. I really didn't know what else to do except take her to the Vet, wherein they gave her a large dose of steroids. This temporarily relieved the symptoms, of course, but then the allergies came back with a vengeance. Once I began feeding natural food and providing other natural methods for healing and keeping her healthy(like natural flea products, reducing/eliminating vaccines, etc), her allergies improved and then eventually disappeared. She has since gone over the rainbow bridge at age 25, yet I know the change I made in her diet and the natural methods I used to treat her contributed to her longevity.

It is always an inspiration to me when I see the positive changes in pet companions after their pet guardians make small changes in their diets, exercise routines, vaccinations, and emotional well-being, to name a few. However, once I began my wo rk with Hands on Healing/Acupressure, I noticed an even bigger change in behavior, body discomforts, joint pain, and disease management. I will continue to improve my training for Hands on Healing in Jin Shin Jyutsu and Animal Acupressure since the outcome is so profound.

Even though I have showered my beloved pet companions with the benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle, I am not without experiencing loss. In 2010, I lost my Corgi, Shamus, to a rare form of cancer. He was not yet 6 years old. He was however, very satisfied and happy with his raw diet, family, and treats until his soul departed on that very sad day. His wonderful attitude and tolerance for his deteriorating physical condition will always keep me moving forward in the quest for all animals to be healthier and healed by natural methods. He was and STILL IS an inspiration!

Carol's PupsI feel our beloved companions deserve to have the best life while they are on this earth. I am committed to sharing the many natu ral healing methods that I have learned from the knowledge and experience with my and my customers' pet companions. Healing Pets Naturally is miraculous, gratifying work and I am looking forward to sharing many healing, happy years ahead with the pet companions and pet lovers of the world.

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Doctorate of Animal Naturopathy- Kingdom College of Natural Health
Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute