Pet Intuitive Communicator

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Pet Intuitive Communicator

There have been many times in my life where knowing the thoughts of my dogs, cats and birds were more beneficial than others. Most of the time I just know their needs and desires. Other times, they hide their thoughts, wanting to be alone in their world. I respect that.

The gift I offer is one of knowing. I see beyond the skin, hair and facial expressions. I feel even more deeply. I connect the dots and build a bridge so that animal meets human on a harmonizing plane of communication.

Pet communication can be very helpful if your companion is ill, emotionally upset or depressed, perhaps acting out in some fashion. It can also be a salve when a pet leaves us, helping to bring light to a perhaps dark and sad situation.

There are many other reasons as well for this type of communication to be helpful to the human realm.


My intention with this knowing is to bridge the gap and allow the communication to come in the form it naturally presents. The human and animal both have to be willing participants for the door to open and information to flow. This is an "in the moment" process of connection.

I look forward to our time together, connecting in a way that will be physically, mentally and spiritually healing.