Buck Mountain Licorice extract

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Licorice as a natural pet supplement is regarded as nature’s cortisone and an all natural pain reliever. It has many of the same attributes as cortisone and presents few of the adverse side effects.

It can be used for:

  • Canine hip pain relief
  • Pain relief for dogs with joint arthritis
  • Chronic pain relief for dogs
  • Used an an anti-inflammatory internally and externally
  • Relieve Gastrointestinal and pulmonary inflammation
  • As has detoxification properties

Licorice is used as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant and is a counter irritant for G.I. and pulmonary tissues. Recent research has demonstrated detoxification properties similar to silymarin due to its content of glycyrrhizin.

Licorice is anti-allergenic and is effective topically on many skin infections

Oral Dosage: 1 cc per 50 lbs weight t.i.d. daily for carnivores. 8cc twice daily for large herbivores. It is advisable to use in conjunction with a diuretic.

Oral dosages as given are for carnivores by body weight. It is advised to dose low initially and adjust upward as the circumstances direct.

Do not scale up dosages for large herbivores by their weight. large herbivores, such as cattle or horses, usually require approximately twice or three times the dosage of a 200 lb carnivore.