Buck Mountain Parasite Dust

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Buck Mountain Parasite Dust is a natural, holistic product that is effective on fleas, ticks, mites, spiders, beetles, ants and other insects.  It can be used on animals, in gardens and homes/buildings.


The neem tree contains an active insecticide, a repellent and a potent-antifeedant and ecdysis inhibitory compound. Neem herb has also found broad use as a wound healing agent and has reported antimicrobial properties. Additionally, Yarrow is a repellent to many parasites and diatom flour desiccates many insects.

The combination of these processed herbs is a very effective external parasite dust which also presents disinfectant and healing properties to lesions and other irritations secondary to infestation.
Sprinkle the dust from head to tail along the spine and brush against the hair to bring the dust into contact with the skin. This should be done when the fur or skin is dry. One to two ounces is enough to dust a large herbivore (e.g. a horse). The dust should cover the saddle to midlateral.

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Parasite dust instructions

Carol's Note: I love this product! Not only are the ingredients completely natural, but this product repels and kills a whole host of parasitic insects-fleas, ticks, black flies, mites, no see-ums and more. There have been a few times I have found a tick completely dead on my dog while still imbedded. It needs to be re-applied after your animal gets wet or on particularly "buggy" times of the day/week/month/year. If you see the grains of this product in your companion's coat, you have applied too much. A little goes a long way. Make sure you get the area between and on the tail and neck, as this is the travel road for fleas and other insects. This products is also great to use on carpets, upholstery, throw rugs, flooring. Sprinkle a little on the ground, sweep in with a broom, get in all the cracks, leave for 48 hours or longer, vacuum. I have used this many times on my hardwood floors and throw rugs. I hardly notice it, so sometimes I will just leave it until I am ready to vacuum again.

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    Does not work


    I applied this junk on my dog the fleas did not care they continued to bite him even the next day they were alive and well, this powder is a farce, I contacted Carol for a refund , she won't give a refund if the package was opened I purchased this on Amazon $50- rip off, I guess she would give me a refund if I had not opened it, makes a lot of sense huh? Buyer beware!

    Reply from Carol: Safe, Natural products sometimes take a little more time than harmful, chemical products.The powder takes time to work on the fleas' exoskeletons. It may not work immediately when applied, but within a day or two the fleas will die from exposure, e.g. the exoskeleton will be compromised. Additionally, it will work to remove the eggs and larvae from the home when sprinkled on carpet, bedding, in between cracks and flooring. It can be left for days before it is vacuumed as the powder is very fine and is easily dusted into the furnishings or anywhere your pet has been in the home or outside.

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    Buckmountain parasite dust

    Chemsford, MA United States


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    Buckmountain Parasite Dust

    Robert Leasure

    Great for cats. They don't mind being rubbed with it!

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    It works

    Linda Ballin

    I've used this before and ran out. My four year old Frenchie never had fleas until she spent a day at doggie day care. We're in Florida and fleas are rampant. I tried something else and she not only smelled like a hamster cage but she hated to be sprayed with it. I switched back to Buck Mountain Parasite Dust and the fleas are gone. The best part is she doesn't mind when I apply it.