Buck Mountain Wound Balm

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Natural Wound Care at its Best! This product is an emulsion of the extract of burdock root, echinacea root and yarrow herb in olive oil and beeswax. It is applied topically as needed. Comes in salve form and is easy to apply.

Wound Balm for Animals is one of our most popular products due to its strong efficacy on ailments including:

  • minor cuts
  • skin blemishes (acne)
  • closed wounds
  • athletes foot
  • sunburn
  • cracked hands and feet
  • insect bites
  • chapped lips
  • cold sores
  • minor skin infections

Wound Balm for Animals is recommended to be applied twice daily. On large granular wounds a liberal application is more appropriate than a sparing application. 

Take a look at the photos and see the effects of the Wound Balm on a dog that had radiation treatment. These photos are donated by Ms. Munson. Thank you Marylinn! The Vet advised that her dog, Heather, would not regain her hair from the treatment. But as shown from the photos, her hair grew back. There is no guarantee that these results will apply to all situations, but this product does has very healing properties. It is my personal go to product for my pets and family.

Customer Reviews

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    Valuable healing balm

    Carol Wyatt

    Use this many times for my dogs post op
    Surgical wounds
    And on human irritated skin
    It is Awesome healing salve

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    The Best!


    This is an amazing product! Safe for Horses, Dogs and cats. Animals heal really fast!

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    Love this wound balm. When my kitties have a boo boo, this is the best natural healing product.

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    Great Product.

    Mary Spatz

    I use this wound balm my dog with Autoimmune Disease who gets skin infections and for myself.

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    amazing product

    andrea walheim

    This stuff is incredible. I have been using it on my pets and myself for 15 years. I am a competitive cyclist and actually use it for chamois cream and I no longer get any saddle sores or chafing. And it lasts forever, so it's great to keep some in your medicine cabinet.

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    Wound Balm

    Steve S

    Have used wound balm for years, but couldn't find anyone carrying it the last time I needed to order some. A vet told me about Carols Pet Café and so glad about that. Order it and received it promptly. Our dog roams about 7 acres and gets poked and cut. Works wonders.

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    Fantastic service!


    Carol recommended a larger size product instead of two smaller ones which was more economical! The Buck Mountain Wound Heal is wonderful! It puts a protective coating on sores without being greasy!

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    Great Product


    Buck Mountain Wound Balm really helps to heal cuts and abrasions. I trust Buck Mountain to provide the highest quality herbs and I've never been disappointed.

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    Wound Balm

    Bette Raymond

    My 12 year old min pin had a mast cell tumor on her leg which was removed by our vet and is healing nicely thanks to the wound balm I received from Carol's pet cafe.