Inspiration for a Busy Pet Lover

As with many of you, my daily laundry list is so long that I often have to extend it to the next day or longer. That is life.

Of my many loves in life, gardening is high on my list. It provides a time for meditation, reflection, beauty and accomplishment. However, under the definition of gardening, mowing the grass doesn't fit in. I do it because it looks clean, helps my gardens look better, and it provides a form of exercise. But, I am not inspired by it.

Many of you know that I adopted a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix in MarshalDecember. His name is Marshal . He was 8 weeks old. From the very first day he entered my life, he showed me that life was meant to be enjoyed to its glory every second of every day.

The moment he stepped foot outside at eight weeks, he frolicked in the grass, chased bugs and butterflies, snacked on pieces of pinecone and lazed in the bright sunshine. He just passed the 7 month mark and he is still as enthralled with life as he was when I first introduced him to nature.

It is this very child-like wonderment, this new beginning every day that has inspired me to mow my grass. Because he enjoys the outdoors, I happily get out the lawn mower, fill it with gas and with a big smile on my face - I mow. I do it because Marshal knows that life is to be lived anew each second. He teaches me this lesson with every movement and every breath as he sniffs, digs and hops up into the air to catch the flying bug that is also participating in play.

Now under that gardening definition, mowing has a new meaning because of my furry companion. If we can all look at life through the eyes of a puppy- as if one has seen everything for the first time-we will live life with a joy-filled heart every moment of every day.

Today, seek that joy! Take off the old-glasses of knowledge and definition- and find inspiration in the innocent child-like ways of your loving furry friends. Thank you Marshal, Lily, Bozworth, Chicona and Charlie for showing me how to see with new eyes!