Willard Water

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Willard water helps to bring the body into balance with its unique ability to stimulate both the absorption and overall bio-availability of the nutrients in the food we eat and the vitamins we consume.
Drinking Willard Water every day is the key to support the absorption of all of the vitamins and other nutrients that your body uses for developing and maintaining good balance.

  • Highly effective and Bio-available formula
  • Reduction of Occasional Stress-due to the body's increased ability to assimilate vital nutrients more efficiently
  • Natural Free Radical Scavenging Activity- Antioxidant
  • More Cellular Energy=Increased Energy
  • Overall Homeostasis
  • Improved Functionality of the Body's Natural Defense System
  • Highly Alkaline-pH of 12.3(must be diluted)
What is Willard Water? it is an altered form of water that has been activated with the addition of a patented micelle catalyst (a micelle is an electrically charged particle formed by an aggregate of molecules and occurring in certain colloidal electrolyte solutions). Its properties impart many benefits including: enhanced nutrient assimilation, increased toxin removal, and cellular stress reduction.

How can the product help with vitamin/mineral/nutrient absorption and toxin removal?
Willard Water breaks down food and toxin particles in the bloodstream into even smaller particles which allows the body and cells to more readily absorb the good while more efficiently flushing the bad.

How does the product help with my pH or internal alkalinity? Experts believe that the body's pH levels are a key factor in determining one's overall balance. Willard Water has a very high alkaline pH value of 12.3 and when diluted as directed permanently increases water pH by up to two points which helps restore a good pH balance in the body.

Can Willard Water by consumed by people/pets with gluten intolerance?: YES! Individual who have a gluten intolerance often have problems with both digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Willard's Water aids digestion and improves nutrient assimilation for all users by helping the body break down food, Willard Water can be consumed by people with gluten intolerance.
Willard Dark: Serving size 3/4 teaspoon mixed in at least 8 oz of distilled, spring, filtered, bottled or tap water, 3-4 times daily

Willard Clear: Serving size 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon mixed in at least 8 oz of distilled, spring, filtered, bottled or tap water, 3-4 times daily

Detoxification effects may be felt with higher dilution amounts to first time users are advised to use 1/4 teaspoon for the first couple of weeks and move up to the higher dilution amounts after this adjustment period.