Kidney/Urinary Support

Kidney/Urinary Support

  • Earth Animal Urinary Support tincture

    Earth Animal

    Earth Animal Urinary/Kidney Formula(formerly Pee Pee)


    Used to help soothe, heal and strengthen the entire urinary tract in conditions such as Bladder Stones and Crystals, LUTD, Cystitis, Nephritis, and Urinary Tract Infections. Ingredients: Uva Ursi, Marshmallow Root, Dandelion Leaf, Horsetail, Gravel...

  • Doctors Best glandular for female dogs


    Female Support Glandular-leakage/hormonal issues


    Helps with leakage and other female hormonal challenges. Glandular therapy is one of the simplest, safest and effective holistic modalities available. In the wild, the ingestion of glands is an important part of an animals' nutrition.  Glands/organs...

  • Vet Worthy urinary paw gel for feline urinary tract conditions

    Vet Worthy

    Urinary Paw Gel aid for cats


    Vet Worthy paw gel helps maintain cat urinary tract health. Made in USA. has been know to assist in the care of feline lower urinary tract conditions like cystitis, bladder crystals and more. Ingredients: cranberry extract, methionine, lysine, d-mannose,...

  • Buck Mountain uva ursi tincture

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Uva Ursi for Animals


    Helps stop leaking and can help with urinary tract infections. Uva Ursi Extract for Animals is a diuretic and has antimicrobial properties. PRIMARY USES: Kidney flush Cystitis Urinary Tract Infections Helps with leakage issues/incontinence Suggested...