Nutrition is extremely important for the health of our beloved animals. I would personally recommend to everyone to feed their dogs and cats a raw diet. Why? Raw Diets are nutritionally superior to their dried, canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried counterparts.

The enzymatic activity, moisture content, minerals, and vitamins put a Raw Diet on the top of the list for appropriate food for dogs and cats. The enzymes inherent in the food assist in boosting the protein and other nutrients to be more fully absorbed into the animal's body and utilized efficiently. Thereby, creating a more vital, healthy animal.

With that said, I have also included some high quality dehydrated and freeze-dried foods in this category to offer variety and choice for my customers. The ingredients for the dehydrated/freeze-dried products are probably some of the best I found thus far. Since the exact protein(e.g. chicken) instead of protein meal( e.g. chicken meal) is listed as a first ingredient, the choices for these foods get high marks. Other qualities I look for in this category of foods are preservatives and other ingredients that can be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous to our pets. Additionally, most of these foods contain organic or all natural ingredients and have a good reputation among pet owners.


  • Earth Animal Daily Raw Supplement for dogs, cats and other pets

    Earth Animal

    Daily Raw Supplement with Probiotics & Enzymes


    A diet isn't complete without a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids.  This nutrient complete powder was designed to add to raw diets to ensure our furry friends were receiving all...

  • Steve's Real Food for dogs & cats Freeze Dried Beef

    Steve's Real Food for Dogs

    Steve's Freeze Dried Beef Diet for dogs & cats


    Steve’s Real Food Beef Diet is low-fat, nutrient dense, with lean muscle meat. Beef is particularly high in zinc and copper--two nutrients that work together to support the metabolism.In addition to the exceptional nutritional benefits of the...