Nutrition is extremely important for the health of our beloved animals. I would personally recommend to everyone to feed their dogs and cats a raw diet. Why? Raw Diets are nutritionally superior to their dried, canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried counterparts.  However, there are some excellent natural cooked food diets that have helped many pets maintain health or return to health after illness.

The enzymatic activity, moisture content, minerals, and vitamins put a Raw Diet on the top of the list for appropriate food for dogs and cats. The enzymes inherent in the food assist in boosting the protein and other nutrients to be more fully absorbed into the animal's body and utilized efficiently. Thereby, creating a more vital, healthy animal.

This category currently includes ingredients that can be added to any diet, raw, cooked, canned or kibble.  The only exception is the bonemeal which should only be added to a home prepared diet and raw diet since most commercial formulations already include some form of bonemeal or calcium.


  • Better Bones ground bonemeal for homemade diets for dogs & cats

    Four Leaf Rover

    Better Bones dried bone for Home-made diets


    Better Bones Dried bone for homemade diets Better Bones is a safe alternative for providing ground bones in a home-made diet fo that’s suitable for senior dogs, puppies and cooked diets. There’s no need to worry about choking or splintering...

  • Red Rover organic berry blend for dogs

    Four Leaf Rover

    Red Rover organic berries


    Red Rover organic berries- Rich in Astaxanthin, Polyphenols and natural Antioxidants Red Rover is a simple blend of organic berries that can help support dogs' brain and nervous systems. BENEFITS: 100% natural and free of harmful additives Nutritional...

  • Safe Sea Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs and cats

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    Safe Sea Omega 3 fatty acids for pets


    Safe Sea Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs, cats and other pets Safe-Sea is a sustainable and healthy combination of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Ahiflower. BENEFITS Provides overall health benefits to internal and external body of pet Helps...