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Our Products are carefully chosen based on their healing qualities from Nature. I only support products that are comprised of natural ingredients to offer the best support to the body of Pet Companions. Most of the Products that are supported by Carol's Pet Cafe have been tested and used by me and my pet companions. At Carol's Pet Cafe, we believe the that since we came from nature, it is in our best interest to use nature to help us to heal and maintain health. We also do believe that at times it becomes necessary to use pharmaceuticals to treat many conditions. While treating with pharmaceuticals or receiving vaccinations, it is important to support the body with particular supplements so the body can continue to harmoniously function without unnecessary side-effects and long term damage. My intention with Carol's Pet Cafe is to introduce Alternative Products and Services to assist Pet Companions become as healthy as possible and assist in lengthening their lifespans while maintaining good health function.

Our Products have Benefited:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Livestock
  • Other animals
  • Humans
Please choose carefully when deciding for your companion. Some of our products are only for certain species of animals. The Buck Mountain products in particular are beneficial to most species including Horses and other Large Herbivores.

If you have any questions, please Contact US for advice.

To the Best of Health to you and your Companion!

Our Products

  • On Sale!
    Arnica extract- Buck Mountain botanicals

    Buck Mountain Botanicals

    Buck Mountain Arnica Liniment for Animals- 8 ounces


    Arnica is made from Arnica fulgens and is effective as a mild topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. 8 ounces. Arnica is recommended and has a long history of use on: ArthritisItchy hot spotsContusionsMinor skin infectionsMuscular aches...

  • Wellness/Healing Consultations for dogs and cats

    Wellness/Healing Consultations


      Who Will Benefit from a Wellness/Healing Consultation? A Pet Guardian who is looking for Natural methods to keep your pet companion in the healthiest condition possible A Pet Guardian who has a pet companion that is displaying some physical or...

  • Yeast Free Fido- Yeast Guard, Gut Guard, Digest

    Four Leaf Rover

    Yeast-Free Fido for dogs


    Does your dog have too much yeast?   Signs your dog has an abundance of yeast in his/her body  Ear infections- especially chronic Long-term use of antibiotics and/or steroids Rashes on skin, loss of hair Greasy skin Scaly skin Redness and...