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Joint Health Supplements for Cats & Dogs

If your pet suffers from decreased range of motion, pain or immobility due to degenerative conditions associated with age, surgery or chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, a natural joint health supplement can help. We offer a variety of anti-inflammatory products that offer improved collagen and elastin production, anti-oxidant benefits and natural joint pain relief for dogs and cats.
Our selection features only proven products with a scientific basis for all ingredients. Our cat and dog joint supplements are derived from natural ingredients such as egg shells, shellfish and duck's feet. The animals used for processing to create our joint supplements were raised and processed without the use of hormones, pesticides, additives or chemicals, making many of our products are safe for dogs and cats with allergies.
Provide natural pain relief for dogs with arthritis without the use of potentially-harmful NSAIDs. Provide relief without any side effects found in prescribed remedies for dog's arthritis pain. Our pain support products feature natural compounds including cannabidiol, a powerful drug-free solution to the problem of stiff, inflamed and aching joints.
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Pillstachios- edible pill disguise for dogs Buck Mountain Comfrey extract Buck Mountain Glucosamine
Buck Mountain Glucosamine
Our Price: $24.97
Soothe Joints by Herbsmith for Dogs and Cats Duck Feet for Dogs and Cats- All Natural Sound Dog Viscosity Joint Solutions by Herbsmith
Duck Feet- All Natural
Our Price: $36.95
Winston's Pain Formula Liniment for Animals Winston's Joint System <40
Winston's Pain Formula
Our Price: $49.95
Winston Joint System
Our Price: $69.95