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Glandular therapy for pets is one of the simplest, safest and effective Holistic modalities available to us.

This Multi-glandular is part of the Super Glandulars trademark and is made from bovine(cow) organs. It is a safe alternative to toxic drugs for the treatment of various conditions. Emulsification allows up to 400% more extract per c.c. than traditional glandulars. 

Creamy and milky in flavor, Super Glandulars are eagerly consumed by pets without hesitation.

Alcohol Free, Natural extracts of mammalian (bovine)glands and organs.

Ingredients per c.c.:

 Pituitary Extract   25mg
 Thymus Extract    25 mg
 Pancreas Extract  25mg
 Adrenal Extract    25mg
Suggested Use:
1 dropper- animals under 15lbs 
2 droppers- animals 15-40 lbs
3 droppers- animals over 40 lbs
Shake well before using
Glandular Research Information