How to Live NOW

How to live NOW!

Often when I am walking my dogs in the forest, I notice something interesting with two of my dogs. As they are walking forward they have their heads turned and are looking backward. Often they run into trees, debris on the walkway, or step on something that causes them to pause. There are many writings that offer that dogs live in the moment, but do they?

As I travel this journey, I learn more and more of reflection- Reflection of the inner images of self onto my present surroundings. My mate reflects my inner thoughts, the lady at the grocery store reflects my mood, and the dogs reflect my looking back on the past instead of staying present in the now moment. How entertaining!

We are such powerful beings that we are able to project exactly the film that is being played inside of us at any given moment of the day. With this information at hand, what should we choose?

Well, I do find that when I am thinking of the past and dragging it with me into my now moment, I am more tired(dragging takes a lot of energy), I am moody(thinking of things long gone and over with creates unwanted, destructive feelings), and I often miss the beauty of NOW(geez, it’s been a while since I smiled or laughed).

What if…I just let go of that bag of past tricks that I have allowed to plague me? What if for one moment I pretended that I was just born anew with fresh thoughts and nothing to reflect back to, just like a newborn baby. When I give this opportunity to myself, I feel lighter and fresh, exhilarated with joy! Try it! If even for short bursts, increasing the moments as you practice. Eventually as you practice, all those practiced NOW moments will gather together like soap bubbles and it will float you on a cloud of beauty, peace and love that you will not be able to deny. The light-ness( of not carrying the past) will radiate within and without, will heal your heart and the situation(s)that were carried for so long.

I do believe dogs live in the moment, yet our extraordinary influence on these beings allows us to gaze at ourselves from a new perspective so that we may CHOOSE to be in the past or in the NOW moment. Allow the lessons to come, take heed, realize your power, and BE in this most Joyful NOW moment. You will then notice that your reflections will always be filled with love, light, and joy because darkness cannot exist in the light. Choose light.