Ageless Life of a Kitty

We all know the cliché – Age is just a number. Well, I do know that my kitty is living comfortably in this life at age 24 . It is quite a phenomenon for a cat in this day and age to live as long as she has. I am grateful that her higher power has given her a full nine- plus lives and that she still wants to be here. She does have some physical issues- high blood pressure and loss of vision and teeth- but she steadily maintains her composure as each moment unfolds. I have her secluded to the downstairs bathroom fit with her favorite condo, food, water and enclosed litter box. She seems comfortable there most of the time. I believe she lives life as a dream with all possibilities at her disposal. She calls when she needs more food or some scratches on her head. She calls when she wants to make an attempt at climbing the stairs to my office to sleep on my chair. She is comforted by her surroundings, even with 4 dogs nearby. I can’t say she misses her ability to jump up on the couch or run higgety -piggety around the house for no apparent reason, but I do see a glimpse of what used to be in her face at times. She doesn’t linger on the past. She faces each day in her dream-world, a place that is familiar to her with no regrets.

Age is just a number. We limit ourselves because of the limits society has placed on our understanding of life. What if…We decided that we could live to be 120, 130, 140 or more years’ young? What if…we put no boundaries on the creative power we have within? A life of limitless possibilities would unfold before us. There would be no more barriers. We would no longer live just to die and miss the whole journey in between. A day would unfold into the next without thought of tomorrow or yesterday. It would be one joyous moment creating another joyous moment. What a wonderful life of moments we would create!

I do know that Chicona hasn’t put the age limit on herself. It is possible that she heard my plea many years ago that she live for a hundred years because I love her so much and my heart would break if she left. Maybe that was enough to keep her here with me beyond the normal life of a kitty on earth. She decided at that moment she would not be a part of limitlessness. She is a heroine in the story of my life.

This moment I am living a life of limitlessness and my journey to be filled with Joy knows no bounds. It is ecstasy and freedom wrapped in a big giggle. Thank you, Chicona, for your wisdom and your limitless life.