Links to my Favorites

From time to time, I will place links on this page to folks that support healing for our Pets and/or for Ourselves. If they resound with your inner-being, take the opportunity to find the teachings they have to offer. I always find there is at least one message in my interactions with folks that I can use in a positive way for myself or my beloved pets. Perhaps they point a sign for you to go in a new direction in a subtle but profound way. There is always something to be gained as the Universe is always sending us signals to help us along our journey with all of our challenges and questions.


Quantum Light Center

Sarah Sinclair is the founder of Quantum Light Center. Through her natural ability to tend and nurture our inner potential she supports each person to find and express their Beauty, Innate Gifts and Divine Essence.

Anya Sophia Mann- Intuitive Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring

Ruth Hadikin- Soul Astrology- Learn the Unique keys to unlock your life's purpose