Earth Animal Detox Drops

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Earth Animal Detox drops is a combination homeopathic that aids in the detoxification process. The combination helps the body inactivate toxins and assists the organs of elimination, such as the liver, kidney and bladder to gently remove the toxins from the body. This is an excellent remedy to assist animals before and after they have had any type of vaccination.

Detox drops should be used twice daily for 4 weeks, then stop administering for 2 weeks, and restart as necessary.

Ingredients: Canavalia Ensiformis, Ginko BIloba,Rhodophyta, Rincinis Communis
Carol's Note: Folks, the US over-vaccinates their pets. That is a fact. Please be mindful of the substances being injected into your pets. Not only is the vaccine injected, but the carrying fluid is too. These carrying fluids are NOT regulated by the FDA. Who knows what they are putting in them( this goes for human vaccines too). Many allergies, diseases such as cancer, and autoimmune diseases, bone and joint deficiencies and other issues that form because of over-vaccination. Sometimes the vaccine itself can actually CAUSE the disease. I highly recommend titers. A titer determines how much immunity your dog/cat has against a disease. IF the immunity is high enough, he/she will not need the vaccination. Thus you are preserving their immune system/body from decline.

Any time you have your beloved companion vaccinated, I highly recommend these drops. They will support the immune system as the foreign substance(s) is being injected. The goal is to support the body so that it will rebound after a vaccination(s) and not show signs of decline later because of over-vaccination.