Clean Ear Wash

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  • Gentle ear wash; cleans and maintains healthy ears
  • Made from premium, human-grade botanicals; non-drying and hypo-allergenic
  • Soothes and heals sore, infected, itching ears; safely removes wax and debris
  • Safe for cats and dogs 12 weeks and older
Removes Discharge
Reduces inflammation
Soothes and conquers pain
Eliminates odor
Use for Existing Conditions
Use as a Preventative


Aloe vera gel (whole leaf), isopropanol USP glycerine 99.5%, calendula extract, rosemary extract,myrrh extract, cinnamon oil

Usage Suggestions: Shake well before using.
Grasp the ear and squeeze drops into ear canal
(almost fill canal). Holding ear, gently massage
canal to help loosen wax and debris and bring
to top of canal. Clean wax and debris with a
cotton swab or clean tissue. (Do not place firm
or pointed objects into canal.) Repeat daily for
one week or until resolved.