CBG Oil- 300MG Full Spectrum cannabigerol

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300MG full spectrum CBG Oil 

1 oz, 1ml/dropper, 30 droppers/bottle

  • Mildly energizing & uplifting
  • Helps with Focus & Learning
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory, e.g.(brain, bowel & bladder)
  • Can help with incontinence and leaking, 
  • Anti-depressant/Anti-anxiety
  • Lowers intraocular eye pressure which may provide relief for glaucoma
  • Stimulates appetite and can help with muscle wasting disease found in older dogs
  • Supports skin health
  • Boosts body's own cannabinoids that increase dopamine levels and can help regulate mood, sleep, appetite

for dogs, cats

Unflavored for easy administration

Suggested Serving:

10 mg CBD per dropper

1 “full dropper” = 1 ml

Give on empty stomach for best results. Can be given once or twice per day, as needed. Can give more or less until desired results are achieved.