Bladder Care by Herbsmith

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Bladder Care by Herbsmith is a combination of harmonizing bladder health herbs, cranberry extract, and d-mannose. This combination of herbs works together to support many conditions concerning the bladder and urinary system in dogs and cats.  This blend of powder can be mixed into food or prepared as a tea and spooned into food.


Cranberry extract
Actiona: Protects and supports the bladder wall

Licorice (gan cao)
Actions: Harmonizes the actions all the herbs in the formula

Gardenia (zhi zi)
Actions: cooling

Polygonum (bian xu)
Actions: cools and drains

Dianthus (qu mai)
Actions: cools and drains

Plantago Seed (che qian zi)
Actions: cools and drains

Talcum (hua shi)
Actions: cools and drains

Actions: Protects and supports the bladder wall

Suggested dosage: 
Use 3 times per day for 2 days

For stubborn conditions, use the above suggested dosage twice per week.