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Pet Companions' longevity and happiness is our inspiration for the services and products we offer at Carol's Pet Cafe. Carol's Pet Cafe provides:

-Consultation Services for Nutrition and Healing Alternatives
-Hands on Healing through Acupressure
-Intuitive Services

These services are intended to assist Pet Guardians in healing their beloved pets and to also keep them healthy.

Educating our Pet Guardians in understanding natural alternatives such as proper nutrition, herbal support, homeopathy, acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other holistic approaches is one of the key ingredients to success in healing and supporting good health in our beloved companion animals. Our healing approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit of the companion animals. The whole being is assessed to assist in uncovering the root cause of any issues that may be occurring and to offer suggestions on how to support and/or overcome the ailment to restore balance once again.

All products offered from Carol's Pet Cafe are found in nature. Natural ingredients are more easily and readily absorbed by the body. In other words, natural ingredients "speak" the same language as that of the body. Thus, they allow the body to more quickly and thoroughly find balance and harmony within without the harmful side effects pharmaceuticals can cause. In some chronic and acute conditions, pharmaceuticals are necessary, at least for a short time period. During this time, herbs, homeopathics and other holistic products/methods can be utilized in conjunction to support the body while it is in a chronic or acute stage. Thereby, reducing the harmful, long-term effects some pharmaceuticals can impart on our beloved companions.

Our goal is to offer support for companion animals and their guardians to enrich the lives of both for years' to come.

If you are interested in one of the Services listed above, Please contact us at 800-926-7344 or Carol@Carolspetcafe.com for details and pricing.

We look forward to happy health and healing!