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Welcome to Carol's Pet Café, your connection for holistic pet care in Floyd, VA and online. Our goal is to provide your dog or cat with the quality and affordable holistic care all pets deserve. We offer a variety of products including natural vitamins and supplements and a selection of tried-and-tested holistic treatments and pest preventatives. Whether you're looking to improve your dog's or cat's diet, looking to prolong your pet’s overall health or you're searching for natural and safe alternatives to flea and tick treatment, you'll find it here.

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We believe that pet wellness starts with the mind and the spirit, and that many illnesses have underlying roots which deserve to be addressed. Whether your pet experiences anxiety, pain or depression, Carol's Pet Café has the tools and experience to address your pet's health wholly, without neglecting any aspect of well being. We offer a variety of services for dogs and cats that include wellness consultations, acupressure, massage and pet communication. Don't simply medicate your pet without addressing potential underlying problems. Make an appointment today for a consultation, acupressure or check out our wellness and healing packages, which include both of these services.

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Steve freeze dried beef diet for dogs & cats Pillstachios- edible pill disguise for dogs Buckmountain Parasite Dust

Steve’s Real Food Beef Diet is low-fat, nutrient dense, with lean muscle meat. Beef is particularly high in zinc and copper--two nutrients that work together to support the metabolism.

In addition to the exceptional nutritional benefits of the meat, the Beef Diet contains unique ingredients, such as high-fiber apples, which provide a complete and balanced nutritional profile.

One of the differences between Steve’s and other raw meat diets is our meat-to-veggie ratio of 80% to 20%. This gives your dog nutrition that provides the proteins and essential vitamins and minerals that help fight disease and promote strong bones, muscles, and organ function.

Steve's uses a cold freeze-dry process to remove moisture. By adding a little water, you can go from bag to bowl in 5 minutes. Food can be stored in pantry.

Steve's complete and balanced beef diet for dogs and cats is made from grass fed, grass finished, antibiotic and hormone free meats.

  • 32 Count per Bag
  • Patented 'Smell Lock TM' closure system that locks in a pill's smell and taste.
  • Made in the USA with NON-GMO ingredients.
  • 100% Natural, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free and Soy-Free.
  • Can be used with Pills, Capsules, Liquids or Powders.
  • Veterinarian Recommended.
  • No Goo and Crumbling Mess.
  • Resealable Bag for Added Freshness.
  • Stash, Snap & Serve… PillStashios just work.
Acts in 4 ways to rid animals, gardens and homes of fleas, ticks, mites and more