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Natural Wound Care & Topical Anti-Inflammatories

Buck Mountain offers natural topical pain relief for pets, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials and more. Whether your pet has cuts, scrapes, chapped feet, sunburn or insect bites, we recommend natural wound care. All of our products are safe for animals because they're safe for people. From athlete's foot to dry hands, Buck Mountain salves, balms and washes aid in healing, infection- and inflammation-control, pain reduction and moisturization.
These items should be staples in your home, particularly if you and your pet enjoy the outdoors. Don't wait until you're in need to consider purchasing natural wound care for your dog, cat or horse. When irritation occurs, you need a natural anti-inflammatory fast so cats and dogs don't worsen irritation with licking, biting and fussing. Use Buck Mountain as a safe and natural anti-itch for dogs and cats suffering from hotspots, apply it to chapped feet, minor skin irritations from bug bites or eczema and so much more.
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Buck Mountain Comfrey extract King Kalm Natural Balm for Skin Wound Aid
King Kalm Balm
Our Price: $16.99
Buck Mountain Wound Wash Buck Mountain Wound Balm Buck Mountain Wound Balm / Wound Wash Combo
Buck Mountain Wound Wash
Our Price: $22.97
Buck Mountain Wound Balm
Our Price: $24.97
Liniment for Animals