Aunt Jeni's Raw Foods; Plus-
Grinds, Treats & Tripe
At Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, we believe that the best nutrition for pets comes from nature.
What we put inside our pets is reflected on the outside. Here’s how our products reflect this

Our pet foods contain fresh, natural, raw, fit-for-human-consumption ingredients
Our treats are grain-free, all natural, dehydrated meats, fruits and vegetables with no
preservatives or additives
Our Enhance line of supplements provide healing and health through natural ingredients
and contain no drugs or anything toxic to animals
We believe that trying things that will not harm our pets, such as: an alternative remedy, a
diet change, or a natural dietary supplement, may reduce or eliminate the need for harsh
drugs and chemicals with their unwanted side effects.

Promoting health and longevity for your pets . . . Naturally!
Grinds are ground meat and bone.  
They are produced using only the
freshest, 100% human-grade
ingredients. The poultry, meat and
game are antibiotic and steroid free
without added hormones. Grinds are
for supplemental feeding only and are
designed for pet owners who prefer to
tailor their pets' individual fruit,
vegetable and supplemental needs. All  
Grinds contain fresh ground bone and
organ meats for calcium and nutritional
Raw Bones

Feline Complete

Canine Complete

Raw Grinds
Raw Meaty Bones are 100% human-grade, antibiotic and steroid free without added
hormones. Raw Meaty Bones are procured from ranches in the United States.

Dogs and cats have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws that enable them to
crush and chew raw meaty bones such as necks, backs, wings, ribs and carcasses.
Through the consumption of such bones, they are able to acquire an easily assimilated,
natural form of calcium essential to skeletal health.

Raw meaty bones are for dogs and cats to have as part of their daily feeding or as a
treat to enhance their tooth, gum and jaw health. Raw meaty bones are to be
completely consumed. These bones are considered "soft bones" and do not splinter.
Raw meaty bones should always be fed under the supervision of a human being so as
to ensure your pet does not consume these bone(s) too quickly.

Canine Products -  (available by request):
comes in 1#, 3# containers
Feline Products available in store

1# Chicken container
1# Turkey container
1# Beef Container
1# Rabbit container
Grinds available in store

2# Chicken Grind-
2# Turkey Grind-
2# Rabbit Grind-
2# Beef Grind-
2# Duck Grind-

Green Tripe - Grass Fed
beef, antibiotic and hormone free.

2# -

5# -
Bully Sticks
Bully Sticks
A bully stick is a dog treat made from a dried bull's
penis. The penis, usually measuring about 24 inches in
length, is removed and cut into sections. The sections
are then dried and are sold as a dog treat.

Bully sticks are very hard and are typically purchased in
lengths of 12 inches or 6 inches. They are prized by
dogs (and thus their owners) for their compelling
tastiness and how long they last. Indeed, it can take a
strong dog well over an hour to eat one, and thus is an
enjoyable, safe way to keep an energetic breed
occupied and out of trouble, even when unsupervised.

The bully stick is pure beef, it is 100% digestible. This is
contrary to rawhide chews, which have been reported to
choke or obstruct a dogs' bowel if large pieces are

Vertically dried. USDA & FDA approved. 6" and12" in
length, dogs love them.

Bully Stick Analysis: Crude Protein (Min) 80% Crude
Fat: (Min) 1% Crude Fiber: (Max) 1% Moisture (Max)
Dehydrated Beef Liver
Another wonderful healthy treat. Beef
liver, cut into pieces and dehydrated.
No preservatives. Packaged 6 ounces
per bag, vacuum sealed. 6 ounces is a
large amount, you get a very large bag.
Beef Liver-dehydrated
Daily RAW Complete
Powder for Dogs &
Cats to add to a
Are Raw Food diets complete? No! Dr. Bob
Goldstein has formulated the Daily Raw
Complete Powder to add to Raw Meat
diets. It is a culmination of essential fatty
acids, vitamins, minerals, digestive
enzymes, pro-biotics and high levels of
Vitamin E that will give the nutrients
necessary if you are feeding Raw Food.
The benefits of feeding Raw Meat are a
healthy skin and coat, cleaner teeth,
fresher breath, better weight control,
improved digestion, reduction of allergy
symptoms, more energy, & increased
mobility in older animals. We recommend,

The Daily Raw Complete Powder: Contains
Psyllium Husk, Organic Alfalfa Meal,
Omega 3 Fish Oil, Kelp, Montmorillonite,
Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E, Barley
Grass, Broccoli, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate,
Choline Chloride, Arginine, Garlic, Dried
Carrots, Aspergillus Oryze and Niger,
Lactobacillus Acidophillus, B12, Vitamin A -

1 scoop per 25lbs. / 1.5lb. Powder $39.99
Daily Raw Complete Powder
Dog Dental Bone Treats
Mercola Healthy Pets Dog and Gentle Dental Bones is a
completely digestible chew with healthy dietary fiber --
good for your dog even when ingested. And chews are
nearly always ingested, unless they're not used.

And best of all, Mercola Healthy Pets Dog and Gentle
Dental Bones provide your dog with:

* Natural abrasives for cleaner teeth
* 100% natural nutrition - #1 ingredient is USDA certified
organic rice
* Completely digestible chew with healthy amounts of
dietary fiber
* Good amounts of iron and calcium
* A durable chew to have fun with
* Irresistible, natural chicken flavor
* Fresher breath
And Mercola Healthy Pets Gentle Dental Bones contain
the added goodness of cinnamon, traditionally used for
toothache and bad breath. Regular use of cinnamon
may also help promote normal digestive function.
Mercola Dog Dental Bones
Here's what Mercola Healthy Pet Beef
and Bison Bites are:

* Pure 100% grass-fed, human-grade
beef and bison liver
* 100% pure USA born and bred
* Held to the strictest USDA standards
of inspection
* Preserved with all natural vitamin E
* A treat so tasty your dog will probably
beg for more

You can rest easy knowing you're
treating your best canine pal to the
100% pure meat snack its digestive
system was designed to handle.

And one more thing that will make you
breathe an even greater sigh of relief...

All ingredients are USDA human
grade ingredients, and made in
the USA. You can rest assured
that there's never anything
foreign lurking in your dog's
Beef and Bison Bites -- ever
Beef & Bison Bites
Beef & Bison Bites